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Information for Debtors Filing Without an Attorney

The U.S. court explains in-depth the risks associated with filing independently.

Information Concerning Public Service Attorneys

Review Your Chapter 13 Case

Notice: 13Network Update If you are a debtor seeking information about your Chapter 13 case, we urge you to visit to set up your user ID and password. A link to the National Data Center is provided below.

Creditor Counseling & Debtor Education Information:

Our office is a member of TEN (Trustee Education Network). TEN provides the personal financial management course you are required to complete in order to obtain your discharge, at no cost to you. TEN provides valuable information that you may need to successfully complete your case and is available via internet exclusively to those who have filed Chapter 13 cases and are assigned to our office and other members of the Trustee Education Network. We encourage you to access and take advantage of this free service. Our Trustee Identifier Number is: 037. This number is required to access the Online Bankruptcy Education Course.

Incurring Debt/Selling Property

It may be possible for you to obtain a loan to make a purchase of an item that is both reasonable and necessary for you to perform your obligations under your chapter 13 plan. The most common example is to obtain a loan to replace or purchase a vehicle. You should consult with your attorney and with the proposed lender financing the item you desire to purchase to find out what documentation from the court or the trustee might be required. In some cases, it will be necessary for your attorney to file a formal motion with the court. In any case, you should submit a request to the office of the trustee using the “Loan Questionnaire” link on the right in order to determine if the trustee will approve or oppose your request. If the trustee opposes your request, you may still be able to get court approval by filing a motion with the court.

Payment Information

Note: Pursuant to Local Rules:
In all Chapter 13 Cases, the debtor must file with the plan:

(1) If the debtor is a wage or salary employee, the debtor must file a wage order with service on the trustee; or

(2) If the debtor is not a wage or salary employee, the debtor must complete the information for the submission of an electronic funds transfer order providing that funds may be drafted by the trustee; or

(3) If the debtor feels there are extraordinary circumstances justifying an exception to (1) or (2) above, file a motion to allow direct payment of funds to the trustee.